Thursday, August 4, 2011

CSA Box- Watermelon, summer's refresher

I missed last week's farm box, which was sad, but going on vacation has its downsides.... wait. Can vacation have downsides? I'm not sure if I can confidently make that statement.... 

Otherwise, this week's bounty is quite exciting. I've already tucked into a few items as you can see below. Happy Summer Everyone!

This week's Box Contents:

1 lb Cucumbers
4 ears Sweet Corn
1 bunch Curly Kale
1½ lbs Tomatoes
1½ lbs Summer Squash
1 lb Onions
1 bunch Carrots
1 Red Watermelon

- Savory corn cakes, cucumber & tomato salad and broiled salmon

- Lunch crunch salad with carrots, tomatoes, and cucumber

- Grilled corn & roasted summer squash salad

- Kale and Black Bean Tacos, recipe here
- Roasted Corn Tacos, recipe here

- Watermelon in wedges, straight up. It's the first of the season so I'm keeping it simple.

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  1. We're missing our CSA box this week, too. I don't even want to know what I'm not getting to eat. Your recipe ideas look great. And I'm jealous of the watermelon!