Thursday, August 25, 2011

CSA Box- Tomatoes, tomatoes, everywhere!

When you live in a college town you can't miss the arrival of fall. Well, fall in the sense that the semester has started, the undergrads have returned, there are no more parking spaces in my neighborhood, and all the freshman are wandering around campus lost and confused. I also still have this strange craving to visit an office supply store and stock up on three ring binders, pencil lead, and notebooks even though I haven't back-to-school shopped for, oh, at least nine years.

Fortunately, the contents of this week's farm box still scream summer and I'm more than happy about it. Filled with sweet treats, I think I'm going to try to make some peach ice cream or melon sorbet if I don't eat all the fruit first. . .

Another quick note- I've experimented with roasting sweet peppers on my gas stove and am quite satisfied with the results. It does make me very, very sad I don't have a vent above my stove, but the resulting peppers are so delicious it is worth the smokey, flaming, slightly terrifying experience of setting vegetables on fire in your kitchen.

This week's box contents:

1 lb O’Henry Peaches
1 lb Armenian Cucumbers
1 Melon
1½ lbs Tomatoes
1 bunch Carrots
¾ lb Sweet Peppers
1 lb Green Beans

Menu Ideas:

- Green bean, cherry tomato, and cucumber salad with feta.

- Chilled cucumber soup

- Fresh tomato pasta sauce with roasted sweet peppers over whole wheat angel hair pasta

- Peach ice cream

- Melon sorbet or yogurt parfaits


  1. Yum!!

    I still fight the urge to buy school supplies this time of year, too! I manage to sneak in a few spirals for 'recipe development purposes.' But really, I just want to be in the aisle and smell pencils :)

  2. Great, blog Elsa!

    I so wish your CSA was available down in the south bay, we are still in heavy cabbage/potato/beat rotation with our coastal CSA. Here is what ours had to offer us this week:

    gold beets
    chantenay carrots
    mei quin choi
    Bintje potatoes

    I miss summer!