Thursday, November 17, 2011

CSA Box- Picking up your veggies on a bike.

There are only a handful of days until Thanksgiving and we're deep into November, but it's still sunny. Is this a bad thing? Certainly not. When the sun sets at 5:30 pm and you're buried in dark leafy greens, winter squash, and persimmons, it's unmistakably fall.

How does one take advantage of a crisp fall day? I suggest frolicking about in some fallen leaves, or pick up your CSA box on your bike. Watch out that you don't put your baby gem lettuces or persimmons underneath the delicata squash in your saddle bag.

I can't get enough of these delicate, tiny, little lettuces. 

You can leave your kale and leek greens peaking out the top of your saddle bag because 1) there's no way they'd fit in the bag anyway and 2) it looks pretty cool, especially when the kale is purple.

This week's box contents:

1 lb Fuyu Persimmons
1½ lbs French Fingerling Potatoes
½ lb Green Bell Peppers
1 bunch Red Beets
2 Delicata Squash
3-4 Little Gem Lettuce
2 Leeks
1 Celery Root
1 bunch Red Bor Kale

Menu Ideas:

- Little gem salad with apple cider vinaigrette, pomegranate seeds (from last week's farm box), and goat cheese.

- Roasted celery root, delicata squash, beets, and fingerling potatoes with roast chicken.

- Sautéed kale, italian turkey sausage, and roasted delicata squash atop penne or israeli couscous.

- Clean and slice the green peppers and freeze in a ziploc bag so they'll be ready for a pasta sauce, omelette, or stir fry at a moment's notice.

- Leek and goat cheese crostini.

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