Thursday, July 21, 2011

CSA Box- Peaches!!!

I made these amazing sweet corn pancakes from Smitten Kitchen. My oh my are they good. And, oh darn, I got sweet corn in this week's box too. . . guess I'll just have to make more pancakes.

Summer may have arrived a bit late this year, but you know it's here in force when your farm box is full of produce that looks like this

I'm certainly not complaining. What's in season in your neighborhood? Are you up to your ears in summer squash? If so, it's a good excuse to make these treats. You'll see that most of my meal plan doesn't involve much cooking. I always enjoy summer vegetables when they're prepared with minimal fuss since they don't need much seasoning or help to taste great.

This week's Box Contents

1 bunch Curly Kale
1 bunch Basil
1 lb Peaches
1 lb Summer Squash
4 ears Sweet Corn
1 bunch Carrots
1 lb Early Girl/Orange Blossom Tomatoes
¾ lb Green Beans
1 Savoy Cabbage

Meal Plan:

- Sweet corn pancakes with peaches and blueberries

- Chicken tacos with corn, black beans, avocado, tomato, and cheddar cheese served with-
       - Mexican cole slaw (no dairy) with savoy cabbage, jalapeño, scallion, lime and cilantro

-Fresh salad with tomato, carrot, blanched green beans, blanched kale, sweet corn and basil

-Caprese salad

-Chocolate zucchini cupcakes

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